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Why Have A Website Privacy Policy?

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Why Have A Website Privacy Policy?

What is a website privacy policy?

A website privacy policy, sometimes referred to as “online privacy policy,” is a legal document you establish in your website that clearly discloses what you do with your customer or client’s data – it is basically a policy that ensures your website is a trustworthy site and at the same time, builds confidence in your visitors when you present a sturdy policy that addresses what concerns them.

In this policy you will declare things all depending on how your business works: from what type of information you gather from the customers, to what you will do with the information you have gathered, to the methods you use to gather that information and finally, to how you store all those information. You should also make sure that you clarify whether there will be a third-party distribution of the information or not. It is essential that you clearly understand your privacy practices so that you can intelligibly communicate it to your customers.

Is a website privacy policy important?

Your website’s privacy policy is very much crucial to your business because you want it to pertain to the local laws and legislation, you build yourself with good reputation and you save yourself from being sued and fined a lot of money by law enforcers just because you didn’t bother to have a privacy policy that explains how you manage the information you have. You will also prevent an individual or organization from taking advantage of you, your customer and your business for that matter.

More importantly, through this legal document you let your customers and clients know that online privacy is as important to you as it is to them. You also create a transparent and conducive internet environment where users visiting your website are more comfortable because they are stress and worry free about abuse of their private info. With that kind of trust, which is a very vital part of the success of an online business, they will keep doing transactions with you and they are more likely to recommend you to their friends.

How do you create a website privacy policy?

Making your own privacy policy is a big risk; policies have a great tendency to be well-meant, but wrong. You can consult a qualified Internet lawyer to make a customized privacy policy for you - the lawyer’s fee can exceed $500 just for this one legal document. You should expect to pay professional legal fees for this service because lawyers don’t work for free.

What if you can’t afford to pay that amount of money? There is an affordable way for you to easily create your own website privacy policy in just a few minutes: Website Legal Forms Generator software.