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Do You Need A Website Terms of Use?

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Do You Need A Website Terms of Use?

What is a website terms of use?

Sometimes called a “website terms of service” or “website terms and conditions” a website terms of use can be either the rules a website’s users must agree to in order to make use of the website, a disclaimer limiting liability on the part of a website’s owners, or both. Properly constructed terms of use are legally binding and may be revised from time to time as necessary.
Typically terms of use will define key words and explain the website businesses’ policies regarding the rights and obligations of users. For example, the terms may explain how users may use the website or service, any required payments, and they may or may not include opt out language for users who stop using the businesses’ service, depending on the nature of the website.

Why are website terms of use important?

Your website’s terms of use are important for two main reasons, first they affect how customers/users view and make use of your businesses’ website and second because they can give you certain legal rights and protections.
Your terms of use are important to customers (and therefore you) because the terms let customers know what they are agreeing to when they make use of a businesses’ website. A good set of terms will make it clear to customers what they will gain when using a website and what it will cost them to do so. The sense of security that clear terms convey to potential customers can help to attract and keep their business and customers with positive experiences can lead to referral business.
Your terms are important for you and your business because they can limit any legal liability on the part of your or your business, and in the event that your website is ever in a sticky legal situation they can provide you with many legal protections and advantages. For instance disclaimers in your terms can limit your liability and make it difficult to sue you, and arbitration clauses can mandate speedy resolution of any dispute in a place of your choosing instead of ending up in a lawsuit. These and other legal protections make website terms of use very important to any business with a website.

How do you create your website terms of use?

You can pay an experienced internet lawyer to create your own custom website terms of use, but you should know that you could be charged quite a lot, typically in the hundreds of dollars, for just this one document.
What if you can’t pay those kinds of lawyer’s fees? There is an affordable alternative to quickly make your own website terms of use quickly without the expense of hiring a lawyer: Website Legal Forms Generator Software.