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Time For You To Get Your Website Privacy Page

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Time For You To Get Your Website Privacy Page

Website Privacy Page? What’s that?

Simply put, a “website privacy page” is a policy located on your website that explains to visitors what information you’re obtaining from them and what you plan to do with that information.

The policy describes in detail how personal information is obtained, stored and released and whether the information is kept confidential. Most businesses with websites use this tool as one way to communicate with their potential customers and website visitors. In a sense, without one, your business may stick out like a sore thumb.

Why A Website Privacy Page Is Essential To Your Business

A policy like this is indispensable to your business to not only create and maintain a transparent online environment, but also to protect yourself legally if applicable legislation exists that may affect your website and/or business. In the unfortunate event that a disgruntled customer is displeased with the manner in which his or her personal information is being handled, with a website privacy policy, your business will have a first line of defense against a potential legal dispute. You would hope that it never gets to this, but a website privacy policy helps immensely if it ever does.

It should come as no surprise that a common concern among website visitors and online consumers is this very issue of online privacy. People want to know what personal information of theirs is being used and how it is being used. With a website privacy policy, you can assure those who visit your business website that your entity is one that is open and honest with this process.

What Information To Include In A Website Privacy Page?

Good website privacy policies includes the following: 1. What information is being collected 2. How the information is being used 3. An explanation of the cookies used on the website 4. An option to accept or reject the website’s cookies 5. An explanation of the risks, or lack thereof, associated with either choice. Website privacy policies are not always identical among various websites--therefore, another variation of the above may be sufficient.

The best option to ensure that your business has an adequate website privacy policy is to pay an experienced Internet Lawyer to create the document for you. An Internet Lawyer is skilled in this specific area of business and can help you get the results that you need. If you can't afford to pay an Intenet attorney, Website Legal Forms Generator software may be the right solution for you.