Updated Legal & Policies and Privacy Policy Available for Website Legal Forms Generator Pro Plus

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Updated Legal & Policies and Privacy Policy Available for Website Legal Forms Generator Pro Plus

On September 26, 2013, we released an updated Legal & Policies (version 3 - English & Spanish) and Privacy Policy (version 3 - English & Spanish) for Website Legal Forms Generator Pro Plus members to use on their websites.


In addition to generating all of the key website legal forms most websites need, here’s what’s new…

1. Updates were made to the “Legal & Policies” (English and Spanish Version 3) to cover these issues on your website:

  • Added a provision for visually-impaired website visitors to limit your potential liability for disability discrimination.

2. New Spanish version of the updated “Privacy Policy” (English and Spanish Version 3) that:

  • Added a provision to disclose the ability of government agencies to access website visitor data without your consent as the website owner.
  • Added a provision that authorizes transfer of website visitor data to the purchaser if you sell your website.
  • Added a provision for "Do-Not-Track" based on new state laws and ecommerce standards.
  • Added a provision for website visitors to use Internet browser extensions that protect opt-out preferences. This complements the "Do-Not-Track provision in reducing risk.
  • Updated the dynamic ad serving provisions to reflect Google's integration of Teracent after acquiring the company.


You must be a Pro Plus (premium) member to access these updates.

Simply log into your account at

There is a video tutorial available at explaining in depth how to update your forms.

Pro Plus members can click a link to update the Privacy Policy for one website at a time or they can click a link that updates the Privacy Policy for every one of their websites.

Pro Plus members get unlimited access to updates to website legal forms. In addition, Pro Plus members also can update forms in a few seconds by clicking a “update” link. Once the link is clicked, the website legal documents we host for them are automatically updated. If they use the link hosted by us, the link doesn't change so no need to hunt down all the places you've saved it. The link is created once and all future updates use the same link.

If a Pro Plus member chooses to host the website legal forms (i.e. they copied the forms using the “HTML” or “Text” features and uploaded them manually to their site(s), after they’ve clicked the update link, they would simply use the same process to upload the new Privacy Policy to each site.

If you’re interested in upgrading to Pro Plus and are already a Pro (basic) member, be sure to log in and click the upgrade link.

If you have an older downloadable version of the software (prior to January 2012), let me know as the login will NOT work for you since that is part of an old system.



Sara L. Young, COO
Internet Attorneys Association LLC