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California Consumer Privacy Act Your Business Website

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California Consumer Privacy Act Your Business Website

California Consumer Privacy ActDid you know that California passed a privacy law designed to protect information collected by website owners from California visitors?

Did you also know that this law applies to some businesses based outside of California?

Yes, that's right. Even if you run your business website outside of California, you still may have issues under California's new privacy law.

How is that possible? Because your website will likely have visitors who reside in California.

When was the last time you updated your website's legal documents, including the privacy policy?

Because if you haven't created or updated a privacy policy recently for your website, you may not be complying with the requirements of California's new privacy law.

Fortunately, Website Legal Forms Generator software addresses California's privacy law for most small and micro businesses.

This means that if you're an entrepreneur and you can't afford to pay an attorney thousands of dollars in legal fees to prepare customized website legal documents for you, Website Legal Forms Generator software may be the right solution for you to protect yourself when it comes to new laws on privacy, such as the new California Consumer Privacy Act.