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“How to Protect Yourself

When Writing eBooks and Special Reports...

Dear Friend,

When you write and distribute an eBook or special report, regardless of the format (PDF, Kindle, etc.), you're going to want to take certain steps to protect your ownership and keep yourself out of trouble with the government. This includes using the right language to cover copyrights, trademarks, and other important legal issues.

Effective December 1, 2009, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s new guidelines require disclosure of affiliate status when you promote goods or services in exchange for a commission or something else of value. This creates problems for eBook authors who promote products and services in their eBooks using affiliate links. Affiliates who rebrand an eBook with their own affiliate links also can face legal liability unless they properly disclose to readers their affiliate status.

This means that if you haven’t changed the legal language in your eBooks, you’re increasing your risk of getting into trouble. Think how much it would cost you in legal fees to defend yourself if the FTC came after you.

But what if you can’t afford to pay an Internet lawyer to draft customized eBook legal disclosures and disclaimers?

Fortunately, there is an alternative. Internet Attorney Mike Young has created an “Affiliate eBook Disclosure Package” containing templates (both in DOC and RTF formats) that you can add to your eBook in just 4 minutes or less. These templates were specifically created to address affiliate disclosure plus many other legal liability issues facing eBook authors and affiliates who embed links in eBooks.

There are three different templates included in the package for you to use in your eBooks:

1. Template for your eBooks about making money and/or business opportunities.

2. Template for your eBooks about health-related issues (such as exercise and weight loss).

3. Template for your eBooks that cover both money and health issues. 

What if you have an eBook with affiliate links that isn't related to money-making or health? Simply use the money-making template but remove the section called "Earnings and Income Disclaimers." The rest of the template covers this type of niche product (e.g. an ebook about dog tricks). 

What types of legal issues do these eBook legal templates cover?

1. Affiliate status and compensation disclosure.

2. Copyright and trademark notices.

3. Limits of liability and disclaimers of warranties.

4. Earnings and income disclaimers.

5. Health disclaimers.

Many Internet lawyers would charge you more than $1,600 to get customized legal documents for your eBooks that cover these legal issues. 

How many eBooks would you have to sell just to pay your legal bills?

However, to make protection affordable, you can get the right to use all three legal templates in your eBooks for just $147 when you get them now.

Why are these templates so affordable? 

Ideally, for maximum protection, you should have your own Internet lawyer draft disclosures specifically for each ebook you produce. However, Attorney Young understands that many businesses simply can't afford the legal fees to do this, so he has created a reasonably-priced alternative. 

You’ll want to claim your set for $147 now because the price will be going up soon to $197.

Only $147 Today ($197 Value)

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