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Privacy Policy And Terms Of Use: What Your Website Dare Not Miss

By Privacy Policy, Terms of Use

Web visitors have the right to knowledge of information – your website’s privacy policy and terms of use is no exception. Many years ago, nobody seemed to worry – people just go about surfing the internet, downloading interesting stuff, browsing through websites and buying services online while showing little or no concern about the dangers they face inside web domains, but that’s way behind you now: users already care about their privacy and protection when visiting a website, and that’s…

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Do You Have Legal Website Protection?

By Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Website Protection

You may be missing legal requirements for your website protection. You and your company have invested so much time and effort in your website that it is your sole interest to protect it – you have to make sure your website is not breaking any law; you also have to specifically check YOURSELF if you are neglecting any basic legal requirements that you need in the first place, most people do not and their businesses suffer the consequences. There are…

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How Can Terms Of Use Protect You And Your Site

By Terms of Use

What Is A Terms Of Use? Terms Of Use is actually one of the parts that you can find on a website and it is focused on informing all users about all the rules that you have imposed as the owner of the website that they are on – a lot of people really do not understand that each of the sites that they go to have Terms of Use and they are covered by such each time they are…

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Terms And Conditions: Is It Important For Your Business?

By Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, Terms of Use

Why do you need a website terms and conditions? Sometimes referred to as “terms of use” and “terms of service,” terms and conditions are rules that your website visitors are required to follow in order to use your website; you can use it for protecting your business from numerous threats because it understandably specifies the website visitor’s responsibilities to your company. In today’s financial climate, you need to have a secured comprehensive terms and conditions document that complies with all…

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Why Have A Website Privacy Policy?

By Online Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy, Website Privacy Policy

What is a website privacy policy? A website privacy policy, sometimes referred to as “online privacy policy,” is a legal document you establish in your website that clearly discloses what you do with your customer or client’s data – it is basically a policy that ensures your website is a trustworthy site and at the same time, builds confidence in your visitors when you present a sturdy policy that addresses what concerns them. In this policy you will declare things…

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Announcing: Launch of Website Legal Forms Generator Pro and Pro Plus

By News

Thursday, January 12, 2012 – The Internet Attorneys Association LLC announces the launch of the web-based editions of the Website Legal Forms Generator Pro and Pro Plus Software. IAA has also redesigned their website. To learn more about the Pro and Pro Plus, go to the Software page. For a full list of their products, go to their Store page.

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Alert: New LFG Affiliate Program

By News

Thursday, January 12, 2012 – The Internet Attorneys Association LLC announces the launch of their new LFG Affiliate Program. Learn more about how you can promote all of the products while earning 50% affiliate commission.

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