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Website Privacy Policy and Autoresponders

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Your website’s privacy policy contains important information that protects you as a business owner and lets your website visitors know that you’re treating them fairly too When your website enables visitors to opt in to receive information from you via email autoresponder/CRM services (e.g. Aweber and InfusionSoft), you want to make sure that the privacy policy accurately describes what is occurring. For example, are you using single or double opt-in for email subscribers? The website privacy policy should also explain…

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Website Privacy Policy and Information Collected

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Your website privacy policy should accurately reflect the type of information you collect from site visitors. This includes, but is not limited to, your visitors’ IP addresses. If you’re serving up interest-based advertising on your website, such as Google AdSense based upon tracking cookies, you will need to explain what you’re doing. Always remember that the more transparent your website privacy policy is, the more likely you are to earn the trust of website visitors, encouraging them to do business…

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Welcome to the Legal Forms Generator Blog

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Welcome to the new Legal Forms Generator (LFG) Blog. We hope you find the information on this blog and our site overall helpful.  If there is a topic you’d like discussed, please let us know by commenting below or through our support portal. Over the next few posts we’ll cover the various types of website legal documents a website owner needs to protect themselves.

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