Who is Internet Lawyer Mike Young?

First, Attorney Young is the go-to attorney for Internet business transactional law. This isn’t bragging. Many Internet marketing gurus have dealt with him either as a client or because he’s represented the other side in one of their deals.

In short, Internet lawyer Young knows the law for doing business online. It’s what he does every day. Insist on that level of commitment from the attorney who creates the legal documents you use on your website.

That said, his services are not cheap. If you wanted custom legal forms created specifically for your website as a client, you should expect to pay anywhere from $7,750 to $12,900 per package.

While custom legal forms are the best solution for businesses wanting the ultimate protection, Internet lawyer Young knows the price for custom legal forms is too expensive for many website owners.

That’s why he created Website Legal Forms Generator Pro™ as an affordable alternative to custom website legal forms.

This powerful website tool is not a substitute for legal advice or customized documents if you can afford to pay for them. But it is a quick and easy solution if you can’t afford Internet legal representation.