“How to Protect Your Website in 17 Minutes or Less…”

Does your business website break the law without you even knowing it? As a business owner with a website, here’s what can happen to you...

  • Have a jury award $11.3 million in damages to someone who sues you because of what you post online. That’s what a jury did recently to a Louisiana woman because of her online content.
  • Have someone sue you in an effort to silence and intimidate you because of what you wrote on your site. For example, there’s a California nonprofit that sues website owners who post content that is critical of the organization.
  • Be ordered to pay $75,000 in damages because of what you posted online like an Illinois court ordered a man to do because of what he posted online.
  • Settle a lawsuit filed by a law firm of 2,300 attorneys after having spent $110,000 in legal fees like another small website owner did.
  • Be sued by multiple companies unhappy with your website’s descriptions of them. For example, ten businesses sued a website owner because they didn’t like the criticism posted about their companies.

Did you know there are trial lawyers who specialize in suing business website owners like you because it has become so profitable?

And it is only getting worse...

For example, there are companies that hunt down website owners to file lawsuits against. When sued, you have the choice of spending money you can’t afford or settling the case by paying $5,000+ in damages. Sometimes, you even have to give up your website too in order to make the case go away.

When it comes to the government slapping around website owners, there are online entrepreneurs who lost just about everything. We’re talking heavy fines, your personal and business assets seized, and even criminal records. You never get your reputation back once you’ve been put through the wringer even when you’re innocent.

Sure, some of these website owners did some stupid things or even dared the law to come crashing down on them, but others are simply victims of circumstance. We’re talking about honest people like you trying to sell stuff online that delivers real value to their customers.

But then something goes terribly wrong...

  • A visitor tries a health tip on your website and is rushed to the hospital with kidney failure. Now they’re suing you for $300,000 in medical bills and $1,000,000 for pain and suffering...
  • A customer buys your info product about how to increase profits with Google AdWords and loses $5000 over three days in click-through costs. Now they’ve sicced their lawyer on you...
  • You review products on your blog as an affiliate. Now government agents are knocking on your door and they’ve decided to make an example of you because of what you wrote... Get your checkbook ready because those penalties aren’t cheap...
  • A visitor clicks a link on your website that takes them to a website that’s been hijacked by hackers. The website you linked to automatically downloads a nuclear-level virus to their computer and wipes out over 4 years of work. You get sued for the damages...

What would you do?

If you’re the unlucky website owner in any of the above cases, you could...

  • Spend $10,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 in attorney fees defending yourself
  • Lose your business, your home, and all of your money
  • Go bankrupt trying to pay fees, fines, and damages
  • Flee the country, one step ahead of the authorities, leaving behind your friends, family, and most of your possessions.
  • Go to jail!

Do you want to protect yourself, your business, and your financial future? Would you like to find out how?

How to avoid getting sued...

Fortunately, you can drastically reduce your risk of being financially destroyed in a lawsuit because of your website.

Professional website legal forms are the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to protect your Internet business.

They can help you make money too because proper website legal forms are a reliable way to build credibility with customers—and that means more sales.

If you’re dealing with a first-time buyer who’s never been to your website before, having those legal policy form links at the bottom of every web page builds their confidence in you. It tells prospects that you run a real business instead of a hobby website.

A new customer is often easier to spook than a cat trapped in the middle of a dog show. Anything that can reassure them brings them one step closer to buying from you.

Got it?


Presenting ‘Website Legal Forms Generator Pro’: Now You Can Easily Create Website Legal Documents Without a Lawyer

Customized website legal documents prepared by a qualified Internet lawyer take time and often cost more than $7,000 per website. However, with Website Legal Forms Generator Pro software, you get affordable protection in just 17 minutes or less without having to deal directly with a lawyer.

Created by an experienced Internet lawyer

Many website legal documents are unsafe to use because they weren’t prepared by an experienced Internet legal expert or the person selling you the documents doesn’t have the legal right to do so. When you use Website Legal Forms Generator Pro to create your documents, you get professional looking forms drafted by experienced Internet Lawyer Mike Young. These forms have been licensed so that you can use the software to create these documents.

Use the legal documents on all the websites you own

It can be expensive to buy website legal documents separately when you own more than one website. However, our software lets you save money because you can protect all your websites.

Save and edit website profiles

Creating website legal documents for more than one website can be time consuming. However, our software lets you save lots of time by creating profiles that you can use whenever you want.

Online tool you can easily access

Many software programs work only on one computer. You can access our software anywhere via the Internet to create your website legal documents.

Compatible with Windows, Apple, Linux, and Android operating systems

Many software programs work only with Windows-based computers. With our online software, you can use just about any computer, tablet or smart phone to create your website’s legal forms.

Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and many other browsers

Most programs require you to download and install them on your computer. However, our software enables you to create your website legal forms using just about any Web browser.

Lifetime easy access

When your computer crashes or you replace it with a new one, you often have to hunt down software you were using and spend time to reinstall it. With Website Legal Forms Generator, you have access 24/7 via the Internet so there’s no need to install or reinstall software.

We host your website legal forms for you (for Pro Plus premium version only)

When you host your website legal documents, you have to manually update them when there are changes. However, with the Pro Plus premium version of our software, you have the flexibility to host them yourselves or we will host your website’s legal forms for you so you can easily setup the initial link and not have to remember where all of your forms are that need updating when updates are available.

Lifetime updates (for Pro Plus premium version only)

When Internet laws change, you can face new legal dangers if your website legal documents are out-of-date. However, with the Pro Plus premium version of our software, you will have access to updated versions of the website legal forms we provide when major U.S. Internet laws change. We’ll let you know when they’re available, and you can simply click a link to update all of your website legal forms to the latest versions.

Website Legal Forms Generator Software Box

With Website Legal Forms Generator Pro, you will get...

  • 11 website legal documents combined into 4 documents
    There are so many website legal documents that you could spend hours just installing and linking to them on your website. Our software creates 11 website legal documents and combines them into 4 documents. Using our system, you can create and install these documents on your website in 17 minutes or less.
    • Privacy Policy
      Because so many websites misuse personal information, most website visitors automatically assume that website owners don't respect their privacy. Our website Privacy Policy helps you build trust with your website visitors by helping them understand what type of personal information is collected and how it is used.
    • Refunds Policy
      One of the easiest ways for a customer to post bad reviews about you online, or even sue you, is to not have a clear refunds policy that you follow. Our software creates a Refunds Policy that helps protect your reputation and reduce complaints from unhappy customers. You determine the length of the refund period (e.g. 30 days). And if you are selling physical products, you decide the amount of any restocking fee you will charge for returned items.
    • Affiliate Program Agreement
      If you have a program for affiliates to promote your products and services, you can end up in legal trouble if you don’t clearly set the rules of your program for your affiliates to follow. Our software creates an Affiliate Program Agreement that helps you protect yourself and set reasonable rules for affiliates who promote your products and services in exchange for a commission.
    • Legal & Policies
      To make it easier for you to create the legal documents you need, we’ve combined 8 of the 11 website legal documents into one document called “Legal & Policies.” These 8 documents are...
      • Terms & Conditions of Use
        Unless you set clear rules for website visitors to follow, you’re increasing your chances of getting sued. Our software creates terms and conditions of use that reduce your legal risks from website visitors.
      • Video & Audio Terms of Use
        Many website visitors falsely believe that if you post a video or audio file, they can download, claim the copy as their own, and even sell or give it away to others without your permission. Our software creates video and audio terms of use that help protect ownership of the videos and audio files on your website.
      • Affiliate Compensation Disclosure Policy
        You can be investigated or even sued for not disclosing your affiliate status for, or material connection to, products and services you promote on your website. Our software generates a policy that discloses your affiliate status to website visitors so they can make an informed decision about products and services you're promoting. This reduces the chances you’re get in trouble when promoting as an affiliate.
      • Anti-Spam Policy
        With so much junk email cramming inboxes these days, most of your website visitors will be reluctant to give you their email address when you request it. Our software creates an anti-spam policy that helps you build trust with website visitors by taking a firm stance against illegal junk email.
      • External Links Policy
        If you or one of your visitors link from your website to another site that contains illegal material now or in the future, you could be sued or even charged with a crime by the government. With our software, you get an external links policy that reduces the legal dangers created by linking to other websites.
      • Earnings Disclaimer
        If someone buys a product or service from you because they planned to make money from it, when they don’t make as much as they expected, you risk a lawsuit from an unhappy customer or that customer posting negative reviews about you online. Our software creates an earnings disclaimer that helps create reasonable customer expectations on earnings from using your products and services.
      • DMCA Notice
        One of the most common reasons to sue a website owner is because of use of a photo, article, or other copyrighted work without permission. Our software creates a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice for you that gives you an easy way to handle copyright infringement complaints.
      • Health Disclaimers
        Website owners who sell health-related products and services (e.g. diet, exercise, weight loss, etc.) risk lawsuits when their customers get injured or didn’t achieve positive results they expected. Our software creates health disclaimers for you that helps create reasonable customer expectations on health-related results from using your products and services.

  • Spanish Legal Documents
    There are 51 million people living in the United States who speak Spanish as their first or second language. That’s 1 out of every 6 of your potential customers living in the United States. Worldwide, there are more than 500 million people who speak Spanish.If you’re selling products or services to Spanish-speaking customers, having website legal documents in English doesn’t really help you if they can’t read English.

    Our software generates both Spanish and English versions of all website legal documents. Use the Spanish version to reduce your legal risks involving website visitors whose primary language is Spanish.

  • Professionally Translated Documents
    Amateur translations or machine-translated legal documents can land you in a legal mess because these kind of Spanish translations often don’t mean the same thing as the original English documents. Our software uses professionally translated versions of the English documents. This means the documents offer the same type of protection in Spanish that they do in English.
  • Available in HTML and TXT formats
    Many legal documents are not website-ready, which means it takes time to format them for your website. Our software generates the website legal documents for you in both HTML and TXT (text) format so that you are able to copy and paste directly into your favorite website design program if you decide to self-host the legal documents (basic Pro version or Pro Plus premium version) instead of having us host them for you (Pro Plus premium version only).

Bonus: Internet Ethics Council Membership (for Pro Plus premium version only)

It’s hard to stand out as an honest business owner when there are so many scam artists online. For as long as you remain a Pro Plus premium version subscriber, and behave ethically in your business, you will receive a complimentary membership in the Internet Ethics Council (IEC). Annual IEC membership dues cost $199.50 per year but you get membership free as a bonus as a Website Legal Forms Generator Pro Plus subscriber.

Internet Ethics Council membership benefits include...

  • Membership Directory Business Profile Listing
    Smart business owners are always looking for places to put links that drive traffic to their websites. With your complimentary IEC membership, you receive a complimentary business profile listings in the IEC member directory. This includes great links driving traffic back to your websites.
  • IEC Membership Banner
    IEC MemberIt’s hard to build credibility with your website visitors without third party credibility telling them you’re honest. During your complimentary IEC membership, you can place a membership banner on all the websites you own to help build trust and credibility with potential customers who visit your sites.

What’s the difference between the Pro (basic) and Pro Plus (premium) versions of Website Legal Forms Generator?

Both versions of the software create the same professional website legal forms for all the websites you own.

The Pro basic version is easy to use but you will host the documents on your website after you create them and updates to the forms are not included. We typically give a discount to existing customers for new form updates or new versions, but in the long run, the Pro Plus premium version will cost you less.

Here's why...

With the Pro Plus premium package, we host the documents for you; updates are included and automatic when you click an “Update” link. You get these extra benefits for just $9.95 a month beginning 30 days after your initial investment in this protection.

If you decide to cancel your monthly “Pro Plus” membership, you still can create website legal forms using the Pro basic tool but you will have to host the documents on your websites (instead of us hosting for you), and future updates will cost extra when you want them.

Here's a convenient comparison chart so you can choose the protection package that makes the most sense to you.

Our 100% Risk-Free “You Be The Judge” 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

GuaranteeTry Website Legal Forms Generator Pro risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, we will happily refund your money.

Less than 2% of our customers have ever requested a refund.

When we do get a refund request, it’s usually because the customer accidentally bought two copies or sold their website before getting a chance to use the software.

But no matter what the reason, we honor our refund policy 100% of the time because we’d rather have you happy as we part ways. We treat you how we want to be treated as customers when we buy things online.

If you want a refund, simply take down the legal forms from your websites, and ask for a full refund any time in the next 30 days. We’ll refund your money without hassles. That’s a firm promise and commitment.

Select the protection package that makes the most sense to you. Here’s a link to the comparison chart.

Option #1: Pro Plus Premium Version

Claim your copy of Website Legal Forms Generator Pro Plus and your complimentary Internet Ethics Council membership ($199.50 value) now by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below for your desired payment method. You get all the benefits of the Pro basic version plus we host the website legal forms for you and updates are included.

Only $197 Today + $9.95 monthly

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Option #2: Pro Basic Version

Claim your copy of Website Legal Forms Generator Pro today by clicking the “Add to Cart” button below for your desired payment method.

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P.S. Remember that your investment in this protection is backed by our 100% risk-free “You Be The Judge” 30-day money-back guarantee. Claim your copy today.




Q:    If I invest in Pro Plus premium version because I want the updates, will I have the option to be able to self host the forms?

A:    Yes, as long as you are Pro Plus premium subscriber, you'll receive the updates. If you choose to self-host the legal forms, when updates come through you’ll still simply click the “Update” link, but will then have to re-copy the updated forms to wherever you have them self hosted.

Q:    Am I able to edit the forms if I want to customize them beyond the options you give in the software?

A:    Yes, you may edit them at your own risk but we recommend you seek the advice of an Internet lawyer. Any legal form you modify will become a derivative work and is still protected by copyright laws. You may not sell, give permission, etc to others for either the original forms or the modified versions.

Q:    How many websites may I use these forms on?

A:    You have the license to use these forms on any website you own at no additional charge.

Q:    What happens if I initially invest in Pro Plus but then later decide I only want to self host and will just buy the updates when I want them? What happens to all the Pro Plus links I’ve used throughout my site and all the forms I've created?

A:    If you decide to cancel at a future date your Pro Plus subscription, you’ll still access to all the legal forms you’ve created in txt or html format. However, you’ll need to self host these and redo all your links unless you choose to use a redirect from the start.

Q:    Do you offer an affiliate program for Website Legal Forms Generator Pro and Pro Plus?

A:    Yes, to learn more check out our affiliate resource center.

Q:    I’ve tried emailing you but haven't gotten a response back. What should I do?

A:    I usually respond to emails within 24-48 hours and usually in the morning between 7 and 9 am Texas time or in the evenings between 6 and 9 pm Texas time. Your email may have gotten caught in a spam folder so please try to either call me at 214-556-5434 or contact me via Skype at InternetAttorneysAssociation.

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