Directory of Legal Products

Are you ready to protect and grow your business online but you don't have the cash flow yet to pay for an Internet lawyer to represent you? Although there's no substitute for advice from an Internet law firm, here are some products created to help you if you can't afford to pay an Internet lawyer. All products were created or co-created by Internet business lawyer Mike Young based on the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines that went into effect on December 1, 2009.

Website Legal Forms Generator Pro Software

Protect your Internet business in just a few minutes and save money with this software that creates legal documents for all of the websites that you own. Before you know it, you'll have professional looking website legal documents that include privacy policies, terms of use, and much more. The software creates the documents in both English and Spanish so you can protect yourself regardless of which language your website visitors read.


Internet Ethics Council Monthly Membership

internet ethics council membership

If you believe that every customer deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect, even when they're wrong, you'll want to join others like you who are setting the ethical standard for Internet marketing best practices. With your membership, you'll be listed in the Council directory and receive a banner that you can use on your websites to build trust and credibility with your prospective customers. Before you join, be sure to read and make sure you agree with the Council's Code of Professional Responsibility.

$19.95 monthly