Protect Your Website With A Privacy Policy…The Safe, Sure Way

What is a website privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a legal document used by businesses on their websites to let their viewers know how they go about collecting, use, divulge, and protecting the personal of the people who visit, use, or shop on their websites. Through these policies, businesses let their website visitors know […]

You Have An Online Business – Why Not Protect It With Privacy Policies?!

Why You Need Privacy Policies For Your Online Business?

Privacy policies plainly inform consumers who visit your website what personal information of theirs that you are using and how you intend to use this information.

Establishing this simple first line of communication can go a long way in maintaining a healthy and transparent relationship between […]

Updated Legal & Policies Available for Website Legal Forms Generator Pro and Pro Plus

On April 4, 2013, we released an updated Legal & Policies (version 2 – English & Spanish) and Privacy Policy (version 2 – Spanish) for Website Legal Forms Generator Pro and Pro Plus members to use on their websites.


In addition to generating all of the key website legal forms most websites […]

Privacy Policy Changes

What should you do when your website privacy policy changes?

Your site’s privacy policy should explain in detail how you handle modifications and updates.

How will you notify website visitors that you have changed your privacy policy? What will you do if someone objects to the changes and you have collected information from them prior […]