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Thanks for getting this policy monkey off my back – and here’s why.

The majority of my marketing business uses search engines like Google. They expect to see a Privacy Policy if a landing page or website requests personal information from my visitors.

Before finding your “Legal Forms Generator”, I'd patched together my own Privacy Policy and Terms of Service from various online samples.

I'm not a lawyer, so needless to say I wasn’t totally confident that my policies would hold water under legal scrutiny.

Then after hearing how the FTC could crack down on websites with weak or missing policies ‐ I knew it was time to get expert help.

I searched the web extensively, but it was not until a trusted colleague sent me an email, telling me of your product that I knew I'd found the right one.

And wow ... nice setup. Simple. Clear. Fast.

Folks are really going to appreciate what you and your team have put together. As you can tell, I'm impressed.

I’m happy to report, that all this stressing over policies has vanished.

Thank you,
Bob Perrault

The Legal Forms Generator online version, makes it quick and easy to get all the mandatory legal pages for your website. Just enter a few fields, click the button and you're done.

When I compared Legal Forms Generator to the cost of having a local lawyer prepare the same documents, it was 1/20th of the cost and it took minutes, instead of two weeks. Do yourself a favour and protect yourself the fast, affordable and easy way, using the Legal Forms Generator. You won't regret it.

Michael Campbell
Dynamic Media Corporation