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11 Professional GradeTM website legal documents combined into 4 documents

There are so many website legal documents that you could spend hours just installing and linking to them on your website. Our software creates 11 website legal documents and combines them into 4 documents. Using our system, you can create and install these documents on your website in 17 minutes or less.

  1. Privacy Policy
    Because so many websites misuse personal information, most website visitors automatically assume that website owners don't respect their privacy. Our website Privacy Policy helps you build trust with your website visitors by helping them understand what type of personal information is collected and how it is used.
  2. Refunds Policy
    One of the easiest ways for a customer to post bad reviews about you online, or even sue you, is to not have a clear refunds policy that you follow. Our software creates a Refunds Policy that helps protect your reputation and reduce complaints from unhappy customers by clearly stating your refund policy. You determine the length of the refund period (e.g. 30 days). And if you are selling physical products, you decide the amount of any restocking fee you will charge for returned items.
  3. Affiliate Program Agreement
    If you have a program for affiliates to promote your products and services, you can end up in legal trouble if you don’t clearly set the rules of your program for your affiliates to follow. Our software creates an Affiliate Program Agreement that helps you protect yourself and set reasonable rules for affiliates who promote your products and services in exchange for a commission.
  4. Legal & Policies
    To make it easier for you to create the legal documents you need, we’ve combined 8 of the 11 website legal documents into one document called “Legal & Policies.” These 8 documents are...
    • Terms & Conditions of Use
      Unless you set clear rules for website visitors to follow, you’re increasing your chances of getting sued. Our software creates terms and conditions of use that reduce your legal risks from website visitors by setting those clear rules.
    • Video & Audio Terms of Use
      Many website visitors falsely believe that if you post a video or audio file, they can download, claim the copy as their own, and even sell or give it away to others without your permission. Our software creates video and audio terms of use that help protect ownership of the videos and audio files on your website by communicating what your website visitors can or can't do and clarifies who owns the rights to video or audio files.
    • Affiliate Compensation Disclosure Policy
      You can be investigated or even sued for not disclosing your affiliate status for, or material connection to, products and services you promote on your website. Our software generates a policy that discloses your affiliate status to website visitors so they can make an informed decision about products and services you're promoting. This reduces the chances you’re get in trouble when promoting as an affiliate.
    • Anti-Spam Policy
      With so much junk email cramming inboxes these days, most of your website visitors will be reluctant to give you their email address when you request it. Our software creates an anti-spam policy that helps you build trust with website visitors by taking a firm stance against illegal junk email.
    • External Links Policy
      If you or one of your visitors link from your website to another site that contains illegal material or a virus now or in the future, you could be sued or even charged with a crime by the government. With our software, you get an external links policy that reduces the legal dangers created by linking to other websites.
    • Earnings Disclaimer
      If someone buys a product or service from you because they planned to make money from it, when they don’t make as much as they expected, you risk a lawsuit from an unhappy customer or that customer posting negative reviews about you online. Our software creates an earnings disclaimer that helps create reasonable customer expectations on earnings from using your products and services.
    • DMCA Notice
      One of the most common reasons to sue a website owner is because of use of a photo, article, or other copyrighted work without permission. Our software creates a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice for you that gives you an easy way to handle copyright infringement complaints.
    • Health Disclaimers
      Website owners who sell health-related products and services (e.g. diet, exercise, weight loss, etc.) risk lawsuits when their customers get injured or didn’t achieve positive results they expected. Our software creates health disclaimers for you that helps create reasonable customer expectations on health-related results from using your products and services.

Available in HTML and TXT formats

Many legal documents are not website-ready, which means it takes time to format them for your website. Our software generates the website legal documents for you in both HTML and TXT (text) format so that you are able to copy and paste directly into your favorite website design program.

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