What Legal Forms Does Your Website Need?

With our software, you get...

11 Professional GradeTM website legal documents combined into 4 documents

website privacy policyWhen there are many legal documents, you can spend hours on one website. Yet our software creates 11 documents and combines them into these 4 easy-to-use forms...

✓ Privacy Policy

✓ Refund Policy

✓ Affiliate Program Agreement

✓ Legal & Policies

This means you can create them for your website in 17 minutes or less.

Here’s what you get…

A. Privacy Policy

Because many sites abuse personal data, visitors assume website owners don't respect privacy. Our Privacy Policy helps you build trust with your website visitors. They’ll understand what data you collect and how you use it.

B. Refund Policy

Unhappy customers smear you with bad reviews online. Or they sue you if there’s not a refunds policy you follow. Our software creates a policy to help protect your reputation. You determine the refund period (e.g. 30 days). Plus you’ll reduce complaints.

C. Affiliate Program Agreement

If you run an affiliate program, you can end up in legal trouble if you don’t set rules for your affiliates to follow. Our software creates an agreement that sets reasonable rules for your affiliates.

D. Legal & Policies

Now to make it easier for you, we’ve combined 8 of the 11 website legal documents into one form called “Legal & Policies.” These 8 documents are...

1. Terms & Conditions of Use

Unless you set rules for visitors to follow, you’re increasing your chances of getting sued. Our software creates terms and conditions of use to reduce your legal risks.

2. Video & Audio Terms of Use

Many visitors believe if you post a video or audio file on your site, they can download and claim the file as their own. They may even sell or give it away to others without your permission. But our software creates video and audio terms of use to help protect file ownership.

3. Affiliate Compensation Disclosure Policy

If you’re an affiliate for products and services you promote, you need to tell visitors. Our software generates a policy to disclose your affiliate status. This allows visitors to make an informed decision when buying.

website spam policy4. Anti-Spam Policy

There's so much junk email (spam) cramming inboxes. This means visitors will be reluctant to give you an email address. Our software creates a policy to help you build trust with visitors by taking a firm stance against spam.

5. External Links Policy

You or a visitor may link from your website to another site containing illegal material or a virus. We're talking lawsuits and potential criminal charges. But with our software, you get a policy to reduce legal dangers created by external linking.

6. Earnings Disclaimer

What if someone buys a product or service from you because they plan to make money from it? If they don’t make as much as they expected, you risk a lawsuit or negative reviews posted about you online. Our software creates a disclaimer to give reasonable customer expectations on earnings.

7. DMCA Notice

You can get sued because of a photo, article, etc. used on your site without permission. Our software creates a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice. This helps you handle copyright infringement complaints.

8. Health Disclaimers

What if someone buys health products or services from you? You can get sued for customer injuries. Or when customers don’t achieve results they expected. Our software creates disclaimers to give reasonable customer expectations on health-related results.

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