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Updated April 2018 for the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You're probably here because someone advised you to get legal documents or forms for your website. Maybe it was the author of a book, a website, or even your attorney who told you that you must have legal forms to protect your business.

Problem is, while the right forms can protect you from lawsuits and government alphabet organizations, the wrong ones will give you a false sense of security while leaving you wide open to massive financial and even criminal liabilities.

Does your business website break the law without you even knowing it?

As a business owner with a website, here’s what can happen to you...

  • Have a jury award $11.3 million in damages to someone who sues you because of what you post online. That’s what a jury did recently to a Louisiana woman because of her online content.
  • Have someone sue you in an effort to silence and intimidate you because of what you wrote on your site. For example, there’s a California nonprofit that sues website owners who post content that is critical of the organization.
  • Be ordered to pay $75,000 in damages because of what you posted online like an Illinois court ordered a man to do because of what he posted online.
  • Settle a lawsuit filed by a law firm of 2,300 attorneys after having spent $110,000 in legal fees like another small website owner did.
  • Be sued by multiple companies unhappy with your website’s descriptions of them. For example, ten businesses sued a website owner because they didn’t like the criticism posted about their companies.

Did you know there are trial lawyers who specialize in suing business website owners like you because it has become so profitable?

And it is only getting worse...

For example, there are companies that hunt down website owners to file lawsuits against. When sued, you have the choice of spending money you can’t afford or settling the case by paying $5,000+ in damages. Sometimes, you even have to give up your website too in order to make the case go away.

When it comes to the government slapping around website owners, there are online entrepreneurs who lost just about everything. We’re talking heavy fines, your personal and business assets seized, and even criminal records. You never get your reputation back once you’ve been put through the wringer even when you’re innocent.

Sure, some of these website owners did some stupid things or even dared the law to come crashing down on them, but others are simply victims of circumstance. We’re talking about honest people like you trying to sell stuff online that delivers real value to their customers.

But then something goes terribly wrong...

  • A visitor tries a health tip on your website and is rushed to the hospital with kidney failure. Now they’re suing you for $300,000 in medical bills and $1,000,000 for pain and suffering...
  • A customer buys your info product about how to increase profits with Google AdWords and loses $5000 over three days in click-through costs. Now they’ve sicced their lawyer on you...
  • You review products on your blog as an affiliate. Now government agents are knocking on your door and they’ve decided to make an example of you because of what you wrote... Get your checkbook ready because those penalties aren’t cheap...
  • A visitor clicks a link on your website that takes them to a website that’s been hijacked by hackers. The website you linked to automatically downloads a nuclear-level virus to their computer and wipes out over 4 years of work. You get sued for the damages...

What would you do?

If you’re the unlucky website owner in any of the above cases, you could...

  • Spend $10,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 in attorney fees defending yourself
  • Lose your business, your home, and all of your money
  • Go bankrupt trying to pay fees, fines, and damages
  • Flee the country, one step ahead of the authorities, leaving behind your friends, family, and most of your possessions.
  • Go to jail!

Do you want to protect yourself, your business, and your financial future? Would you like to find out how?

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