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build credibility with website legal documentsNow you can reduce your risk of losing everything.


The right website legal forms are an easy, fast, and affordable way to protect yourself.

And they can make you money too.

Because the right forms are a good way to build credibility with customers.

This means more sales.

Now you're often dealing with a first-time buyer who's never been to your website before. Those legal forms linked at the bottom of every web page builds their confidence in you. It tells prospects you run a real business instead of a scam.

A new customer is easier to spook than a cat trapped in the middle of a dog show. Anything to reassure them brings them one step closer to buying from you.

Got it?



...'Website Legal Forms Generator Pro': Now You Can Easily Create

Professional Grade™ Website Legal Documents Without a Lawyer



Our Software Isn’t For Everyone

Although we offer an affordable solution, some website owners shouldn’t get our software. They are…

• People who have thousands of dollars to pay a qualified Internet lawyer for representation

• People who sell illegal products or services (e.g. cocaine)

• People who are running a scam (e.g. selling fake cures for cancer)

✓ Fits Your Budget

Customized website legal documents prepared by a qualified Internet lawyer take time. They often cost $3,500+ per website for a good Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc.

Yet with our software, you get affordable protection.

✓ Forms you can trust

Not all website legal forms are equal. Some forms are risky because they aren't prepared by a qualified Internet attorney. Or the person selling you the documents doesn't have the legal right to do so.

But when you use our software, you get professional forms created by a top Internet lawyer. We've licensed these forms so you can use the software to generate the documents you need.

✓ Use these documents on all the websites you own

It can be expensive to buy website legal documents when you own more than one website. Yet our software saves you money because you can protect all websites you own.

✓ Save time with website profiles

website legal forms userTo create legal documents for more than one website can be time consuming. Yet our software saves lots of time with profiles you can use whenever you want.

✓ Online tool for easy access

Many software programs work on one computer. But you can access our software anywhere via the Internet..

✓ Compatible with Windows, Apple, Linux, and Android operating systems

A lot of software works with one computer operating system. With our software, you can use about any computer, tablet, or smart phone to create legal forms.

✓ Use without installing software

When your computer crashes or you get a new one, you often have to hunt down software. Then spend time to reinstall it. With Website Legal Forms Generator, you get access 24/7 online. So there's no need to install or reinstall software.

✓ Works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and other browsers

Our software lets you create your legal forms using any popular Web browser.

✓ Already formatted for you to use

Many legal documents are not website-ready because it takes time to format them. But our software generates your forms in both HTML and TXT (text) format. Copy and paste them into your favorite website design program.

We host the documents for you plus updates are included

With your Website Legal Forms Generator Pro membership, we host the documents for you. And updates are included and automatic when you click an “Update” link.  If you decide to cancel your annual membership, you still can create website legal forms using our software but you will have to host the documents on your websites (instead of us hosting for you), and future updates will cost extra when you want them.

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